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10 week Online Energy Evolution Program

Running from February 2 to April 6, 2021.

To gain higher life force energy is to gain even more health, wealth and happiness and live in next level thinking. Only for those ready to break out of their comfort zone and learn new ways to see clearer, be more coherent and gain life momentum.

Breakthrough Session

1.5 to 2 hour private breakthrough session with Alana Leone to go deep into your biggest challenge.

Colour Personality

Colour Personality Test sent to your email.

10-Weeks Group Zoom

10 Weeks of group zoom beginning on February 2 running until April 6, 2021 for one and a half hours. 10 to 11:30am pst. The sessions will be recorded.

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10 week Online Energy Evolution Program itinerary

Week 1: Talking about the energy wheels of the body from root to heart with how to keep them optimum.
The life vitality of the energy flowing or blocked in the chakras or energy centers.

Week 2: Talking about the energy wheels of the body from throat to crown and how to keep them optimum also more into aura bands around the body. Harmonizing and balancing energy wheels.
Finishing up on the energy centers and harmonizing and balancing these centers.

Week 3: Stress and the body/ fight and flight/ breath.
What is stress and how does our body react and how and why the breath is so important.

Week 4: Group Regression online from Dolores Cannon.
Past Life clearing and awareness.

Week 5: Archetypes and how they can be running your life.
We will be discussing the 4 main archetypes and how they play a big part in your life and also discussing the Ego, Consciousness, Subconscious, Higher Self, Future Self and observer.

Week 6: Meet your guide and know the truth that you are not alone and you are guided.
A process to meet your guide and how to listen to them.

Week 7: Using aromatherapy and detox.
Aromatherapy is a big part of releasing unwanted emotions and a very healthy way to live.

Week 8: Boundaries and setting goals.
Setting boundaries that you can keep and how to set goals that work.

Week 9: Action energy and check in on goals. We will be discussing how to evolve your energy even when you aren’t wanting to.
Also check in for goals set and how to re-examine get feedback and reset if needed.

Week 10: Life direction wheel for balance/celebration and gratitude, multiple perspectives and love, peace, joy.
This week is totally on loving life and loving who you are even more. With all the clearing, processes and awareness to your life through this 10 week. Also, you will be a part of an amazing community of like-minded people.

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A 20 min accountability personal session after the Energy Evolution Program to see where you are with your goals, mission, and vision.

Alana Leone spiritual guide

Meet Alana Leone

Alana Leone is an author and well-known coach and teacher on taking action for creating what you want. 

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