10 Week “Energy Evolution” Program

Running from February 2 to April 6, 2021.

Gain access to the profound wisdom of the body, mind and spirit for more energy and more health, wealth, and happiness. Only for those ready to break out of their comfort zone and learn new ways to see clearer, be more coherent and gain life momentum. Leave mediocre behind and move into more purpose, more passion and magic for your irresistible life.

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Increase your life energy

– 30 days of how to increase your life energy.

– Fun ways each day to crate more abundance

– 1 – 1 hour private session with Alana Leone

– 10 weeks of group zoom for 90 minutes each week

The Mentor Studio Membership

1 year membership with “The Mentor Studio”. This is a platform of entrepreneurs and business people and we are in 14 countries. There are over 200 virtual
events scheduled for the rest of 2021 and possibly in person events this year as well.

One on One Accountability Session

1 – 30 minute one on one, accountability session after the 10 weeks with Alana Leone

Bonus – 2 hours of video on how to live your life even more limitless

The Program to Put More Sizzle in Your Life

How many of you are in a situation that you want more in your life and you find yourself stuck?

Are you a believer that the impossible is possible and you are ready to reach for it?

Are you ready to tap into something you have not experienced yet and to go beyond your mind and your beliefs?

Then this course is for you. The course to experience more in your life. There is something more than what you are living now when you are in this search it comes to you. You have not found this by accident. You were guided to this information.

Bring sizzle in your life
Energy healing program

10 Week “Energy Evolution” Program

Gain access to the profound wisdom of the body, mind and spirit for more energy and more health, wealth, and happiness. Only for those ready to break out of their comfort zone and learn new ways to see clearer, be more coherent and gain life momentum. Leave mediocre behind and move into more purpose, more passion and magic for your irresistible life.

Are you tired of wanting your goals and for some reason you are not following through?

Would you like to experience more money?

Does more deep connection in relationships to self and others sound good to you?

Why is it important to have more energy?

Why is it important to have more energy? Everything is energy and when you are tapped into creation and manifestation everything you want can be easy and effortless.

Love Life and Live Beyond Your Thinking

1 – 1-hour private strategy session with Alana Leone.

1 – The Mentor Studio, a subscription to a one year long mentoring program.

10 Weeks of group zoom for one and a half hours.
The sessions will be recorded and added on the webpage for viewing for 2 months after the program.

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Change Your Life and Transform your Thinking.

I find that people can get stuck in their thinking. Thinking that thinking can help their thinking. Wanting to know the answer before you begin your goal and thinking about how the outcome will be created so that you remain safe instead of taking the risk and trusting yourself that you can get through the experience.

Your mind, since preschool, has been taught to think. Have your heard of stinking thinking? I say creation thinking and words have ways of changing things quickly.

This course is the tools for living outside of thinking. Watch your mind coming and going as like a cloud crosses the sky, not believing that your mind is the sky. To step outside of yourself and become the observer to be able to observe is the first step to creation living.

Life path

Can you relate to this?

I give you this invitation to step out and play this game called life and stop sitting around protecting yourself until you die, wanting to be safe and then wanting to live fulfilled. It is a cycle of loops that creates more thinking.

10-week Online Energy Evolution Program Itinerary

Week 1: Energy wheels are a powerful stimulant in the body to build frequency and unified energy.
The life vitality of the energy flowing or blocked in your energy centers creates a stuck in emotions and life. Your body, mind and spirit is a system that works together and when it is working at different times and not in unison it uses more energy. Get your juices flowing again and put your self back into unison. You will feel the difference.

Week 2: Creation of abundant energy through visualization to tickle the insides and feel tingling sensations of power from the inside out.
Learning how to meditate to create a force and fire inside your body to experience more love, more gratitude and much more.

Week 3: Learn the power of thoughts and how your body reacts to the mind.
What is oxidative stress and how does your body react to thoughts? Learn the functions of the nervous system, the endocrine system, parasympathetic activation, and sympathetic chemical responses just by thinking a thought.

Week 4: Power Meditation that can change your frequency and change energy patterns to access more energy rich and super rich states
Learn about the mind and what we have believed up until now and be able to move the energy to explore more about who you are and getting what you want. We go over the tool of stacking perspectives to create an unstoppable energy serge in your neurology.

Week 5: Tools on the Functions of the Brain and Sources into Mind and Body.
We will be discussing the parts and the functions of the Brain, the Ego, Consciousness, Subconscious, Higher Self, Future Self, and observer.

Week 6: Meet your guide and know you are not alone. You are loved beyond belief and they want to let you know.
A process for higher self connection, to meet your guides and how to listen to them. Also, information on multi dimensional layers and functions. Have you ever had that gut feeling to do something? This is what it is like to listen to higher council every day. Have you ever gone against that gut feeling? How did it turn out? Would you like higher guidance? Learn this in week 6.

10 week energy healing program

Week 7: Keeping the body healthy and the mind awake..
Neutralizing old emotions and speaking and creating as your powerful self to set out causing in your life for what you want. Included is a Group online healing with Shiva Murti Healing Modality and Shiva Murti Healers. Then to add to you 4 powerful ancient symbols for opening up your energy channels to experience even more energy and clarity.

Week 8: Boundaries and setting goals.
Setting boundaries that you can keep and how to set goals that work.

Week 9: Action energy and check in on goals. We will be discussing how to evolve your energy even when you are not wanting to.
Also check in for goals set and how to re-examine get feedback and reset if needed.

Week 10: Seeing the newer higher self person with celebration and gratitude, for more love, peace, joy.
This week is totally on loving life and loving who you are even more. With all the clearing, processes, and awareness to your life through this 10-weeks you are prepared for more.

An “Energy Evolution Certificate” as long as the program was completed.

A 30 min accountability personal session after the “Energy Evolution” Program to see where you are with your goals, mission, and vision to follow your heart in your life.

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Alana Leone spiritual guide


  • 1 full hour of strategy session with Alana Leone
  • 10 weeks of 1.5 hours tools and training to get out of thinking and stuck, sabotage patterns to get into creating life consciously.
  • 30 min accountability personal session after the program to keep you in action.
  • 30 day Raise your Life Force Energy System and 79-page guidebook for download.
  • An “Energy Evolution Certificate”
  • Bonus:
  • 1 full year of mentoring on “The Mentor Studio” to keep your education going and keep in the more abundant energy.

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