My Purpose is to add more sizzle and clarity to your life.

As an expert Quantum Energy Healer,
Alana will guide you to:

– master the past, find deep healing and release trauma.
– meditate to higher connection and visualization with infinite wisdom.
– experience past life or generational clarification and awareness.
– discover self-empowerment with love and clarity.
– Learn discipline to focus and break free of the overanalytical mind.
– activate energy-rich living whenever you turn on the switch.

Alana Leone is an author and a well-known coach and quantum energy healer. Her teachings focus on how to take action to create the life that you want.

Alana Leone spiritual guide

Meet Alana Leone

While working in personal development, Alana noticed that not everyone took action after coming home from the events. In fact, very few did. They returned to their home environments and crawled back inside their comfort zone; thinking their old thoughts and forgetting about their passions, once again.

Alana said, “I will have none of that.” The reason this was so close to her heart is she had this same experience herself. She was frustrated and did not realize how easy it was to go back to sleep after becoming awakened. She wrote her first book in 2015, called “Wake Yourself Up,” Her second book is with Dr. Gray and Les Brown about “Shifting Thinking.” Her new book, “Heart Awakening – A Path to the Divine You,” will come out later this year.

A Quick Hello From Alana Leone

Thank you for stopping by the website. Check out the video and book a 20-minute information session to find out more about your greatest challenge. The one that is blocking you from your desired life right now. It is all about energy.

Energy is everything to business and everything to a more abundant life.

– Alana Leone

Would you like to create more money in your life?

Are you interested in more intimate relationships?

Creating more money, more intimate relationships and your desires are all about creating higher life energy. It is simple and yet profound at the same time.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla

Manifesting what you want

Are you manifesting what you want, now?

Alana’s question is, “Are you manifesting what you want, now?” And if not, “Why?”

What you will be ready to discover is:

What Customers Are Saying

A few weeks ago, I did a QHHT past life regression therapy with Alana. All I can say is WOW! Years ago, when I was in Thailand at a holistic spa I did a past life session and it was nothing compared to what I experienced with Alana. After the session I was totally exhausted, the next day I felt totally alive and was like something had shifted. I would highly recommend QHHT and Alana Leone to anyone! Peace and love!
Susan Pratt
Susan Pratt
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Group Sessions


Compassion is holding space for another in love. I have been blessed with the gift to be able to see the magnificence in people; no matter what their story may be. We all have a story but that story is the past. Now it is about creating that new future.

Breakthrough technique


To be able to hold multiple perspectives at the same time to see the truth in the matter. This has to do with intuition as well. This truth emerges after showing you your truth of infinite possibilities in your life.

Past Life Regression


The quest for excellence in my own life, and the love of service for humanity to help another by teaching. The best thing about teaching is that I learn so much from you too.

Mission and vision

Soul Mission Statement

To stimulate the body, mind and spirit to pulsate with vibrant energy to awaken higher realms of consciousness and a deeper higher self connection for millions of people to experience a universal love for self and others.


To evolve and expand higher vibrational energy in myself and others so that we can love life to the fullest. To see, hear and feel the blessings and experience the beauty of everyday. I do this by teaching.

Book an information session with Alana Leone

Let’s connect to see what is stopping you from living your most abundant life and how to build more energy around it to release the old and enhance to create more of what you want.

I have had the pleasure of working with Alana and have to say that it has been wonderful to watch her grow her business into something so well rounded. She really is the one stop shop for holistic wellness. I love how she fully engulfs herself into learning everything she possibly can about her craft with all the different services that she offers. From technology that reads the aura to light therapy and hypnotherapy you can’t help but feel enlightened after working with her. I felt safe to discuss my deeply personal issues and was comfortable to have Alana open my subconscious to help me clear away past karmic concerns. Her voice was soothing to listen to as she guided me into a trance. It was a very cool experience! Thank you Alana
Danielle Pistilli
Danielle Pistilli
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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