Remote Healing

I have been taught by Candace Silvers in Shiva Murti Healing and I have also studied several other modalities for example:

Reiki, Past Life Regression Superconscious Healing, Aura Reading, Crystal Light Therapy, DNA Activations, ArchAngels and Guides Transformations, Biogeometry and the Planes and Subplanes in the Vital, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual fields, Chakra Balancing, Higher Self and Heart Connection, Dolphin Healing and Remote Viewing.

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind

- Caroline Myss
Remote healing expectations

What to expect.

I will do a clearing of energies first and see what is in your field and the possible best solution for what your list of ailments are.

Book an appointment, send me a picture of front and back of your full body and this is permission for me to begin this remote healing. Once complete I will email you and I always love to hear about the experiences so we will send a feedback form to complete.

We ask everyone once they send me the picture to begin at that moment to be aware of signs they see, songs they hear and to be open to phone calls that come in, etc. Open your awareness.

What clients have experienced is.

  • Emotions releasing to laughter or tears.
  • Hearing something for example “Chill Out”
  • Hearing a song that means something to them.
  • Having a person coming up into their awareness.
  • Release of tension or disappearance of the ailment area.
Remote healing experience

Feel free to email me your questions or results.

 I am very excited to connect with you!

“My session w/ Alana was very peaceful and insightful. Alana fully detailed what I might expect and led me through a beautiful process. Her voice was so soothing. Her space felt very safe & protected. Alana’s passion for her healing work is apparent and I am richly blessed to know her and experience her gifts!”
Caroline Wong
Maple Ridge, BC, Canada


Remote Healing is a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual full body alignment for that time and space. We do not claim healing of diseases and discomforts although this has been totally known to happen, many times. This is a therapeutic session.

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