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I specialize in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to get to the next level in their business.

Have you ever experienced feeling stuck and struggling to find fulfillment?

Have you ever been so driven to get something done and you are not taking the action you know you usually do?

Have you hit a business plateau and you would like to create more traction in all areas of your life again?

Executive Coaching is for those that want that little push back on track or to move up the career plateau. It happens to all of us at some point.

- Caroline Myss
Bring sizzle in your life

1. Improve self confidence.

The things that hold us back in life, in my opinion, are limiting beliefs and fears of some kind. These limits and fears are often in our subconscious mind and we are not aware of the impact. To improve this patterning is to be aware of it, then to accept the pattern and understand this pattern got you to where you are and you may no longer need this pattern for the rest of what you need to accomplish in your life. Then to take action on the new decision.

This creates a self confidence in a person as the person now has a new understanding of who they are and some of the things from the past that have been holding them back. It creates a new understanding and balance in the person that is noticed by others.

2. Engage in every moment in your life. Be with the moment

Have you ever been at work thinking about home and at home thinking about work?

It is important for all areas of your life to be more present and to focus on each part of your life like it was the most important thing to you. Imagine being at work being so productive that when you leave you can now focus on the other important people and things in your life.

Living in presence and fully engaged to each area, whether it be family, spouse, career, fitness, spiritual and to be thinking about each piece at each time separately.

I can relate to this as when I started the directional drilling business I was taken away from the other important things in my life and so the marriage and the children became second to the business. I was so motivated and really didn’t have the awareness or the skills to know how to be productive in all areas of my life until I took training and learned a lot through mistakes.

Life path
Mission and vision

3. Enchantment brings creativity.

Accessing more creativity and being able to follow through on this creativity is key. Having an open presence and looking for the beauty in the moment and the everyday. Looking through the lens of gratitude. Slowing everything down and being able to be productive in the face of the day.

I just finished with my coach again for 3 months to get past the plateau and back to the climb to the next goal with ease and grace.

What is a life coach to business?

What I have found is where one part of life is not as successful as we had envisioned then it usually radiates to other parts of your life.

In the coaching session I guide you to understand more of your current capabilities and show you where you can be more present in your life to create your desires. To focus on clarifying life direction and action steps to take on that path. It is also about measuring where you are and what the action step was, to gain feedback to see if that is a direction that best serves you now in your life.

Why would I pick you to be my coach?

I am dedicated to the things I do. Once I make a decision I will do everything in my power to be the best at it to guide my clients to the best result possible. I have been training for 27 years and especially for the last 8 years. I have spent 7 figures on training and what I have learned is there is still so much to learn.

I have been done in addiction to living on the streets, to building a multi-million dollar business. I have learned strategies and patterns for success and most of all a mind set to win and allow others to win. I am guided by my team of angels and guides to take you not only to this realm of consciousness and also to the next realms to see the past as learnings and to see the future to make decisions.

Book a consultation to see if we are a match to work together (50 minutes). Investment price 297.00

Alana is a great person to get to know. She is compassionate with what she does and her focus is on her clients. She cares enough to push her clients to overcome their challenges. I am very impress with her ability to extract the real issue so that she can guide her clients to discover the solution for themselves.
Hung Q Do
ERP Technical Analyst at El Camino Hospital
I met Alana at a Money management Seminar and thereafter became part of a great mastermind group with Alana. She is truly a great coach. She will ask you the right questions to help you define any problems. I must say, our mastermind group has helped me gain more control of my work and life balance. Thanks Alana for your help and hope to continue our mastermind group.
Ravi Bhindi PREC
Real Estate Consultant at Royal LePage West Realty & Owner, Master Trainer at Cold Calling Works Consulting LTD
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