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The journey of heart awakening has been such an amazing gift. To awaken out of the past wounding, to breakthrough and self realization has been such a gift. To meet the divine in yourself, meet your guides and think as we are all one in love with Source is powerful and builds such power in our lives. There is so much to learn and experience! My joy is to do this journey with you as an “Awakened Collective.” Read the blogs below and please join our newsletter and email us your stories. I love to connect!

“when we go someplace, we leave a part of our energy there and we influence more than we can ever imagine.”

Dolores Cannon

Tips to increase life force energy

Tips to Increase Life Force Energy

I want people to know that they can live in radiant happiness every day, that they don’t have to wait for outside or inside circumstances to change to live in radiant happiness, and that they can be more abundant and healthier right now.

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Journey of the true self

The Journey Of The True Self

We all have a mind that sees events from our own perspective—a perspective that is defined by our programming. This programming comes from teachers, parents, extended family, siblings, television, friends, music, and the list can go on and on.

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Surrender to love

Surrender To Love

Love is my favourite topic. It has not always been this way, though. In my life, I learned right away that people were not happy, and love was not an experience that I can say I knew.

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Intimate relationships are a big topic. The word “intimate” is its own living entity and so is “relationships.” So when you throw the two words together, it is a double whammy for meaning.

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