17 January 2021
Intimate relationships are a big topic. The word “intimate” is its own living entity and so is “relationships.” So when you throw the two words together, it is a double whammy for meaning.

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Intimate relationships are a big topic. The word “intimate” is its own living entity and so is “relationships.” So when you throw the two words together, it is a double whammy for meaning.

How many people out there are looking for an intimate relationship?

Then the next question would be “How many people know where to begin?”

I have done a lot of study lately on communication and intimacy, and I have not been the best at either in the past. One thing that I like to tell people is that everyone has a past. That is the exciting part. You have all this experience to bring into the future. Then ask yourself: “What do you want to create now?”

There was a song I listened to over and over again for a while: “The Fighter” by Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood.

The words hit my heart. I was so focused on the part “I know he hurt you,” and I was thinking only of my own heart. Then I had an expanded thought: “There were two hearts involved, not just one.” (This is my selfish background and I definitely take responsibility for that.) The thought came to me, “What about the man’s heart?” I had never thought of this before. After I became conscious of the whole situation, I was more open to more love and connection.

This was a very big reveal for me. I started thinking about the man’s heart too. I asked myself what I did to hurt his heart and, even more than that, what I can do differently to serve his heart.

To be one with his heart.

To love him unconditionally.

These are things that I look at now, and I can do these when I think short-term. For example, I can love him unconditionally today.

What I realize now is that I can have high vibration relationships. I can have excellent communication when I decide to and follow through, I can understand to not be selfish by expanding my perception and thoughts, and I can be thoughtful and compassionate to my lover’s heart.

Then I focus on what I want: I am open to a hot, passionate, selfless, intimate relationship in a sensuous, divine love in which I can find his heart and soul and can unconditionally love his emotions, his spirit, his abilities, and him physically every day.

My goal is to express all of my love each day in every way possible and to not hold back one drop of my love. I will communicate my desires of connectedness and oneness, and I will do a little bit better every day.

What would this do for us in our relationship? What would you say?

It is a commitment.

It is also experiencing a breakthrough around what your beliefs are about relationships and what roles are in a relationship by asking yourself and your partner, lover, husband, or significant other good questions.

What does a girlfriend, wife, husband, or partner mean to you?

What does a sensual woman mean to you?

What does a masculine husband mean to you?

What does communication mean to you?

It truly amazes me how vastly different the answers are that people come up with for these questions. People think differently. When you think you know what the other person is thinking, there is a high chance that you don’t.

Write down the word “love,” and without looking at other person’s answers, write down three words that you associate with love. Then compare your three words to the other person’s answers. Most of the time the three words that the other person wrote down are not even close to what you wrote down yourself.

An important tip to understanding more about yourself and your situation, is to have expanded perceptions. But what are expanded perceptions?

Here is a quick story about expanding perceptions and thinking about what you want instead of what you don’t want.

I was listening to a CD called “Tony and Sage Robbins on the Ultimate Relationship.”

I started feeling bad about my behaviour in previous relationships, and I started spiralling into an inadequacy state (which I used to be really good at).

I was thinking, “I don’t want to hurt him.” I was thinking, “I don’t want to go through this again.” I don’t want and I was going down into my slumber.

I call this “stacking negatives.” A great tip for when you are feeling bad or even awful, is to think back to the last 10 things you told yourself. And while you are thinking about this, sit up straight, draw your shoulders back, and lift your head up. Write these 10 things down if you can and change to a positive statement.

Anyway, I caught myself and said, “This is the spiral down. So let’s get the spiral up to high energy or energy rich.”

We can choose what energy we live in. It is all about catching yourself in the act.

“What do I want?” I asked myself.

I want to cherish his heart.

I want to love him unconditionally.

I want to create a blissful, loving, spiritual, emotional, mental, and physically intimate  juicy relationship.

I realized that I can do this one day at a time.

My old belief is that men will leave.

But then I had the thought, “When I stack positives, a man would want to stay for that love.”

At this point, I was energy rich and dancing around the room. All in the time frame of two minutes.

Stacking negatives is only an old program and easy to catch once you are aware. Stacking positives will get you to what you want easily and effortlessly. This will help me a lot in relationships and in everything else.

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